Leading the Charge: IRT Accelerates the Zero-Emission Transition

Not a science experiment – already successfully deployed in one of America’s major industrial centers. Coming soon to Fortune 500 companies, Ports, shortline railroads – providing impactful reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and substantial health benefits to nearby communities by mitigating NOx, particulate matter and noise emissions. While federal and state agencies strategize on regulatory actions and long-term planning, Innovative Rail Technologies (IRT), a four-year-old company, is far ahead of the zero-emission deployment schedules of others. IRT is already building and successfully deploying its battery-electric switcher locomotives – which provide pollution-free, cost-effective solutions.

Providing solutions of every kind, at all times

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      About Us

      Innovative Rail Technologies (IRT) is a rail solutions provider offering its proprietary technology ATLAS (Advanced Technology Li-Ion Adaptive System). ATLAS is a turnkey, scalable propulsion and control package customized to the unique needs of customer operations. Paired with automated, high-speed charging, IRT’s ATLAS-powered locomotives maintain 24/7 availability for its operators in an economically beneficial package.

      IRT was established in 2019 and has a rapidly expanding list of customers which includes Fortune 500 companies, Ports, Industries, and Short Line Railroads. IRT works with its growing nationwide network of locomotive remanufactures (ATLAS Authorized Installers) and can also provide ATLAS kits directly to customers for in-house remanufacture. 

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